B-Tweens(Youth 8-12)


Keith was born and raised in Huntington, NY, moved to Florida at 22 and at 27, he met his future wife, Lindy. Lindy was born in Long Beach, California, but moved around the country quite a bit due to her father being an officer in the Navy. Lindy was 22 when she and Keith met.
Three years after being married, they dedicated their lives to God and have not looked backed  since. They felt a calling into the youth ministry and led the youth of Bradenton for several years.
In 2006 they were blessed with their first son Ryan. Four years later, they welcomed their second son, Caleb, into the world. In 2012, God opened doors for the Hunt family to move to the Brandon area. Upon arrival, Keith became Sunday School director, but the passion for children ministry grew stronger.
January 1, 2015, the Brandon Bible Tabernacle "B Tween!" was conceived. Their vision is to see the children of Brandon and surrounding areas living for God.

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